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अखिल भारतीय आयुर्विज्ञान संस्थान, नई दिल्ली
All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, New Delhi


Information Pertaining to Academic Section for the year 2013-2014
No. of students On-Roll in various courses at AIIMS as on 31/3/2014:
1. MBBS Students  -  383 
2. B.Sc. (Hons.)Nursing Students  
  •   B.Sc. Nursing (Post Certificate),
  •   B.Sc. (Hons.) MTR &  
  •   B.Sc. (Hons) Ophthalmic Tech. Students
-      393
3. MD,MS,MDS,MHA & M.Ch.(6 years) Students   655
4.  DM & MCH Students 224
5. Ph. D. Students  -    419    
6.   M.Sc., M.Sc. Nursing 
& M.Biotechnology Students 
- 109
No. of students who have been awarded degrees till 41st Convocation held in 2013:
1.  MBBS  -  2646
2.  B.Sc.(Hons.) Nursing,  -  2674
3. MD,MS,MDS,MHA & M.Ch. (6 years) 5198
4. DM & MCH 1344 
5.  Ph. D. 996 
6. M.Sc., M.Sc. Nursing

& M. Biotechnology 

- 764


AIIMS runs a variety of undergraduate courses in medicine, nursing and related areas , and postgraduate courses in virtually all the basic and clinical medicalspecialties and superspecialties. Admissions to these courses are based on entrance examinations conducted all over the country

Various Courses Offered By AIIMS

The various courses of study offered by AIIMS

Courses Offered

The AIIMS offers various courses at different levels. All in all 42 disciplines are taught at AIIMS. The different categories include :

Undergraduate Courses (UG)

Postgraduate Courses (PG)

B.Sc.(Hons.)Human Biology: DM & MCh
B.Sc.Courses in Nursing, Audiometry,Ophthalmic, Techniques and Radiography Master's Degree in Science (M Sc)
  Master's Degree in Biotechnology (M Biotech)
  Doctor of Philosophy (Ph D)

Undergraduate Courses


50 students are admitted each year to the MBBS course of AIIMS. Our MBBS students are a carefully selected group of remarkably able and intelligent students committed to a high sustained hard work is the norm. What they need is only a little guidance along the path to knowledge. All efforts are made to keep their initiative and curiosity alive by making them active participants in the teaching-learning process. They also have an opportunity to stretch their minds with research during their vacations. The faculty is willing andeager to provide vent to the wealth of ideas and energy available with this endless streamof extremely curious and committed young people. However, since they skills for the being are trained for practicing medicine, we ensure that they do acquire the purpose. Further, the science and craft of medicine should be accompanied by a humane approach to illness. To inculcate the necessary empathy in our students, our curriculum extends beyond medicine, and encroaches on science and psychology. In short, undergraduate medical education is a blend of several streams of competing, and sometimes conflicting, endeavours. We try and make the blend as harmonious as We wish to produce competent and caring doctors while at the same time stimulating the creative abilities of our students It is not surprising that AIIMS was judged the best medical in India in the INDIA TODAY-ORG-MARG poll conducted in 1997.

A student receiving her degree from the Minister & president of AIIMS, Mr. Saleem Iqbal Shervani.

B.Sc. Courses in Nursing, Audiometry, Ophthalmic, Techniques and Radiography:

These undergraduate courses are designed to produce well quailed personnel without whom no health care team can be complete.

Clinical Examination

Objective structure Clinical Examination (O S C E) in neonatology in progress.

Postgraduate Courses


All postgraduate students in AIIMS are potential teachers and research workers. Hence during their stay at the Institute, they not only acquire competence in a branch of medicine or surgery, but they also savor the romance of teaching and research. The small pieces of research which postgraduate students complete are treated as guided introduction to the painfully slow and tedious process of discovery. AIIMS is also one of the pioneers in initiating an in-service training programme for postgraduate students. Residents, while providing patient care, also get formal training and education towards their degrees. Atpresent the Institute awards postgraduate degrees in 55 different specialties.

DM & MCh:

AIIMS also offers superspecialty courses in a large number of medical and surgical disciplines (DM and MCh respectively such as):

Cardiology Gastroenterology
Cardiothoracic Surgery Endocrinology
Neurology Nephrology
Neurosurgery Nedical oncology
Pediatric Surgery  

Master's degree in science (M Sc):

Master's degree in Biotechnology (M Biotech):

This two year course was started in 1986. This new venture in an emerging discipline has been designed to produce a cadre of scientists required for highly specialized areas such as vaccine production.

Doctor of Philosophy

Ph D students conduct an extensive piece of research of high quality on which they may take upto 5 years. While in MD/MS and M Sc/M Biotech courses the emphasis is on breadth, in Ph D the emphasis is on depth. The students delve deep into a narrow area to which they may stick for a lifetime.

Contact Us

All India Institute of Medical Sciences

Ansari Nagar, New Delhi - 110029

Board Number : +91-11-26588500 / 26588700

Fax : +91-11-26588663 / 26588641

AIIMS Exam Section Helpline numbers ( Click Here)

Important E-mail Addresses at AIIMS

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