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अखिल भारतीय आयुर्विज्ञान संस्थान, नई दिल्ली
All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
कॉल सेंटर:  011-26589142

Teaching Schedule

Operation Theater Services


a.      Major O.T Services:

      The department of Surgical Oncology has three state of art major operation theaters for performing various kinds of  major cancer surgeries . One of the  existing operation theater has been renovated  for Intra operative Radiotherapy (IOHDR). This technique involves delivery of precise radiation beams to the tumor bearing area   during   the   surgery after tumor removal. All the major operation theatres are well equipped with the whole range of machinery and equipment required to perform various types of complex cancer surgeries involving various organ systems.

a.      Minor  O.T  Services :

The department has a separate Minor O.T complex in the ground floor of IRCH for wound care, minor operations, and  Endoscopies.

Minor operative   procedures:

1.    Various Biopsies for confirmation of cancer including Fine needle aspiration cytology, Core needle biopsy , incision or excision  biopsy .

2.    Removal of small superficial cancers under local anesthesia .

3.   Placement of long term venous access devices for chemotherapy (Hickman catheters / Chemoports)

 Endoscopy  Facilities

Majority of G.I. cancer patients require some endoscopy procedure for confirmation of cancer. The department of Surgical oncology is offering the  following  Endoscopy services for cancer patients at IRCH.

Diagnostic  Endoscopy :

1.    Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy including side viewing endoscopy

2.    Lower Gastrointestinal Endoscopy including sigmoidoscopy  and colonoscopy .

3.    Bronchoscopy.

4.    Cystoscopy

5.   Nasopharyngoscopy 

6.   Laryngoscopy

 Therapeutic Endoscopy :

1.    Endoscopy guided placement of feeding  tubes & PEG.

2.    Dilatation of  Strictures

3.    Placement of  Stents for G.I. Cancers.

4.    Intra-luminal Radiotherapy tube placement for Esophageal cancer 

5.    Endoformalin therapy for radiation cystitis and proctitits.


Surgical  Oncology Census


Total Number



Major  Surgical Procedures


Minor Surgeries & Endoscopies


Year 2009-10



Major  Surgical Procedures


Minor Surgeries & Endoscopies


Year 2010-11


Major  Surgical Procedures                                                     


Minor Surgeries & Endoscopies


Year 2011-12


Major  Surgical Procedures


Minor Surgeries & Endoscopies


Year 2012-13


Major  Surgical Procedures


Minor Surgeries & Endoscopies


Year 2013-14


Major  Surgical Procedures


Minor Surgeries & Endoscopies


Year 2014-15


Major  Surgical Procedures


Minor Surgeries & Endoscopies



Intensive Care Unit


ICU  has 6 beds with state of art equipment for  managing  post operative and critical  patients. The ICU is managed by the Dept. of   Anasthesiology , BRA-IRCH.




 1) Dr .S.V.S. Deo (Senior Resident )

2)   Dr .Sumeet goyal (Senior Resident )

3)   Dr. Kislay Kumar Thakur(Senior Resident )

4)   Dr. Rajesh Nanda (Senior Research Associate )

5)   Dr. Shantivardhan (Senior Research Associate)

6)   Dr .Arun Goel  ( Senior Research Associate)

7)   Dr .V Seenu  ( Senior Research Associate)

8)   Dr. Deepak Routray  (Long term Trainee)

9)   Dr .Rajesh Srivastava  (Long term Trainee)

10) Dr .J Kishore (Senior Resident )

11) Dr. Murali babu (Senior Resident )

12) Dr .Niranjan (Senior Resident )

13) Dr. Dinesh Kadam (Senior Resident )

14) Dr. Rashmi (Senior Resident )

15) Dr.Madhabanand Kar(Senior Resident&SRA )

16) Dr. G. Srinivas (Senior Resident )

17) Dr. Sonal Asthana (Senior Resident )

18) Dr .D Sridhar (Senior Resident )

19) Dr Diganta K das  (Senior Resident )

20) Dr. Joydeep Purkayastha. (Senior Resident )

21) Dr. Sunil Kumar (Senior Resident & SRA)

22) Dr. Rajiv Saran (Senior Resident )

23) Dr  Mittal (Long term Trainee)

24) Dr Neeraj saxena (Long term Trainee)

25) Dr Charak (Long term Trainee)

26) Dr. Atul Samaiya (Senior Resident )

27) Dr. Sidharth Hazarika(Senior Resident )

28) Dr .Ajay Saha (Long term Trainee)

29) Dr. M. Omprakask (Senior Resident )

30) Dr.Gaurav Jain (Long term observer )

31) Dr. Majid ( Short term observer )

32) Dr. Prashant Khullar (Senior Resident )

33) Dr. Rajive (Senior Resident )

34) Dr. Manish Verma (Senior Resident )

35) Dr. Archit Pandit (Senior Resident )

36) Dr. Mandeep Singh (Senior Resident )

37) Dr .Praveen (Senior Resident )

38) Dr. Deepak Jha (Senior Resident )

39) Dr. Jeevan Ram(Senior Resident )


40) Dr. Jitender(Senior Resident )

41) Dr. Ashwin Kalayanpur(Senior Resident )

42) Dr. Balasubramaniam(Senior Resident )

43) Dr. Amrita(Senior Resident )

44) Dr. Shubham(Senior Resident )

45) Dr. Subi (Senior Resident )

46) Dr. Debashish (Senior Resident )

47) Dr. Arvind (Senior Resident )

48) Dr. Vaitheeswaran (Senior Resident )

49. Dr.Manjunath (MCh)

50. Dr.Dilip K Mudulay (MCh)

51. Dr.Shivam (Senior Resident )

52. Dr.Rakesh (Senior Resident )

53. Dr.Tapan (Senior Resident )



 MCh  Surgical Oncology  1 st Batch ( Jun 2015)

Standing : Dr. Manjunath . Dr.Dilip K Mudulay  (Students)

Sitting : Dr.Amar Bhatnagar , Dr.Ravikant,Dr.N.K.Shukla, Dr.S.V.S.Deo (Examiners)


Award & Honors:

Prof. N.K.Shukla  being  felicitated by  Dr.A.P.J.Abdul kalam   on the occasion of “Doctors Day”


Award & Honors:

Dr.S.V.S.Deo .  Recipient of International Guest Scholar Award  of American College of Surgeons .

Department  Alumini  Meet during International Cancer Congress , New Delhi  2013


Courses / Training

Courses / Training

  1. M.Ch  Surgical Oncology . 3 year academic training  program with  2 seats in June session and 3 seats ( 1 sponsored) in  December session (Selection through All India competitive examination ).
  2. Senior Residency in Surgical Oncology ( Non academic 3 years) : Three years structured training in Surgical Oncology 
     after MS in general Surgery. (Selection through All India competitive examination ).
  3. Long term Training : One to Two years training in Surgical Oncology for sponsored general surgeons from Armed Forces, State Medical  Colleges , Public sector hospitals  and other governmental agencies..
  4. Short term observer-ship – 1to 6 months observership in Surgical oncology.
  5. International Trainees –  Long-term training & Short term observer-ship.


Details of the application format and regulations governing such training are available on the AIIMS web site ( 


For  Enquiry - Contact :

Dean /  Registrar  
Ansari   Nagar
New Delhi -110029, India


Prof. N.K. Shukla
Head of  Department, Surgical Oncology
New Delhi -110029,  India

आलेख और अधिक ...

  1. Alumini
  2. Publication
  3. Research
  4. Other Facility
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